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Valresa´s tintometric system offers the possibility to realice a complete range of pigmented and stain products to varnish and decorate wood. The wide variety of possibilities and performances which this technological system offers, either in products or posible technologies make of your election a success for your business.

System advantages

Service and efficency: Possibility to realice any stain, varnish or decorative effect for wood instantly.
Color constancy: With tintometric system we ensure constancy of repetiton of the color even changing package format.
Products Stocks reduction: With these system you´ll save in your business by reducing investment in provisioning of the different colors as all colors and varnish systems for wood are able to produce comfortably.
Easy to use: Managment programme has been developed to be easy and simple to use.
Wide range of products: System capable to make solvent base stains and hydroalcoholic, passing by pigmented sealers and topcoats and ending with patinas, glazes and toners.
Huge quantity of color charts: System allows the implementation of huge quantity of color charts, RAL, NCS, Nova 720, even able to introduce and modify formulas of customer samples.
Continued technical advice.
As a complement, you can adapt a colorimeter with which you can measure color from customer sample and figure out what color from the system is it which most looks like the sample.

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