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 110022 Clear polyurethane sealer

Have you questionned were is the neck of the bottle inside varnish process? In which section we accumulate bigger costs? Undoubtelly are found in sanding process and more concrete in the worforce cost. Valresa helps you to reduce times of sand with this sealer of high performances which allows cover the wood repelo of a single hand both in flat as vertical, this way surface barely needs to be sanded even in some cases as they can be side and rear can be left without sanding leaving a topcoat aspect. How many chairs could I sand?

Another hughe advantage which this sealer gives is the possibility of apply high weights of materials upright of a single pass without appearing unhang, apart from maintaining a very good transparency. Application facility, high covering and soft sanding are three factors also to take into account when it comes time to choose the 110022 as our working sealer.

Thinking basically to apply in woods of little pore such as pine or beech, also is very used as primer for DM boards and seal absorption both in flat as in edges. In some cases, it is used as topcoat of a single hand for rears or drawers interiors. The sector addressed is the mounted furniture, chair, moldings, turners and boards.

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