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Technical department of I+D+I of Valresa Spain is proposing continually to furniture factories and industrial carprentres new products to varnish and paint wood. A continued evolution, with the objective of adapting both actual needs and future ones. To manage it, not only we have developed varnishes and paints each time more ecological and less pollutants, but we´re in a continous action of keep developing new versions of our known varnishes to manage that varnishing processes of wood become more efficient each time. This productivity comes given by the varnish utilization highly technological which make that times are reduced considerably in the varnishing fase of the sealer as having to apply less varnish layers to manage a surface completely covered and crystal before wood sanding fase.

It´s about utilization of the last design of clear sealer of PU technology which stands out for its high solid content completely transparency capable of filling and matching the surface in difficult varnish or paint substrates for it´s excelent behaviour in vertical application avoiding risks of producing unhang or lack of product applied extensibility. Both in horizontal and vertical application formation of varnish film is completely smooth and uniform with the benefits of not investing more time than needed in sanding fase to leave the wood or furniture perfect to recieve the layer of topcoat varnish.

For its application you can use cup gun; calderin and airmix equipment with nozzles of 1,5 mm and a presure 2,5 to 3 Atm. For its application in electrostatic equipment and curtain machinery it is recommended to use the hardener and solvent adequate for an optimum work. High solids./You will have to apply less varnish layers to leave a smooth and crystal surface. Soft sanding./ Product designed so manual sanding process is easy and soft, achieveing and match the irregularities of the substrate rapidly. Excelent thixotropic./ Possibility of applying big quantities in a vertical position without the risk to unhang or drip. Good extensibility./ The varnish film is formed in a smooth way, faster when is time to match imperfections in the sanding to be completely smooth as in the start. Quick dry./ Quick sealer even when it is applied in big quantities, very quick to handle and sand, saving in times in varnishing process. Easy application./ For its qualities excelent extensibility and thixotropic, any person will be capable of applying it without the need of lots of technical knowledge.

Product: 110029 Fondo PU 029 2:1 Packages: 5 y 20 L

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