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More natural than ever

In Valresa, we think that I+D of varnishes and the last tendencies in furniture design is the key for formulation of new varnishes and innovative products. Thats why we continue working hardly to make our varnishes and paints for wood and furniture every day easier to apply and resistant. The last varnish design for furniture, which has come out directly from laboratory of our varnish and paint factory, is a unique varnish which acts as sealer and topcoat giving a wood protection without modifying natural aspect.

Now with this innovative varnish, to paint and varnish wood and furniture, you can achieve a non varnished wood aspect, even more natural than products of this type existant in the market, due to its extraordinary transparency and good matt uniformity. But most of all to an excellent anti-refraction effect, without changing natural conditions of wood, which are trendy and without loosing maximum resistance performances, both to scratch and to cleaning products.

Also should be noted another high quality of this innovative varnish which is the capacity of fastness of natural wood color. Due to utilization of the last raw materials existant in the market, which make it be a highly technological varnish with capacity of delaying color change of wood produce by the incidence of UV rays and because of the pass of time. Manage a natural effect with the maximum resistances for more time.

Producto: 130035 AC Valpon A 035 Natural SMT 8:1

Maximum natural effect./ Doesn´t alter natural qualities of wood, trend to present furniture in natural state of naked wood. Light resistance, no yellowing./ Protect color change of wood produced by UV rays, for more time. Scratch and abrasion resistance./ Wood remains completely protected by daily use, without loosing its naked due to anti-reflect effect. Cleaning products resistance.

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