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Hábitat 2018

The most general tendency observed in Habitat 2018 has been the use of different materials in the construction of a piece, putting in value its decorative and sensory aspect in front of the structural function that this piece has.

The light woods and white pigments that have flooded the entire spectrum of the furniture due to a clear Nordic influence, give way to colors in much more elegant dark tones. They continue as a trend the natural colors of the wood and a whole range of transparent dyes to color the wood in different chromatic gradations of black.

A color that has highlighted the dark colors has been the color red stained or off in several ranges.

The furniture sector, both indoors and outdoors, enters fully into a stage in which the different materials with which a piece is made, are the real protagonists and it is for this reason, which is accentuated and put in value, creating proposals with almost artisan finishes with a high technological component and sophistication.

The material that has been most observed has been natural stone or marble in its natural state, or; in different reinterpretations of them with ceramic substrates or colored glasses or printed with digital technology.

Oak with a natural aspect, has been the wood used in most cases; except in some manufacturer’s proposals, who have used Walnut wood, as a reason for differentiation giving a greater appearance of sophistication and warmth.

The finishing varnishes used in most cases, has been a high-tech product for the resistance to polishing or polishing, as they have highlighted the degrees of brightness 0% gloss in light woods or oak and a little more than gloss or polished, around 5-7% gloss in walnut woods.

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