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DVELAS in the event Surface&Interface

The Cunningham armchair by DVELAS has been designed specifically for the exhibition Surface&Interface using Virtual Melt technology. The graphic intervention of Arraitz Koch has been applied in the side faces of the structure, reflecting on the decoration as staging of the beauty of the material on the armchair. This expressive armchair emerges as the evolution with arms of the original armchair Tack. It results that Cunningham, having been designed to explore the aesthetic possibilities offered by the expressiveness of the different forms of the armchair, Arraitz Koch expressly takes advantage of them when introducing an illustration on wood based on 1.5 mm thick lines in an aesthetic that belongs between the graphic universe of the fashion designer Paul Smith and the mimetic simulation of the singing of the plywood, looking for precisely a wink or an illusion in which it is not known that it is the illustration and that it is the material, which is manufactured and which is the emulation. The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.
DVELAS designs, manufactures and markets contemporary outdoor and indoor furniture using used and withdrawn boat sails as nautical use as its main raw material. DVELAS avoids using the material as a coating or upholstery. The goal is that the material continues in tension, working in the same way as when it was used to navigate, thus giving back the dignity even though the sail has already been exploded.

Graphic by Arraitz Koch printed on birch marine plywood with Virtual Melt technology. Cunninham armchair by DVELAS.
Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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