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Estiluz with Crous Calogero in the event Surface&Interface

The Nit lamp by Estiluz, is the synthesis between an orientable reading light spot and a shelf. It is designed to satisfy comfort especially in bedrooms; through a light of high quality light and focused to the individual use, that is to say, that satisfies the reader and is not invasive to the companion. The designers of the product, CrousCalogero, have design the graphic intervention for the Surface&Interface event. The graphic concept of Francesc Crous y Alessandro Calogero for the Nit lamp, undoubtedly, highlights the decorative needs linked to the demand for an emotional, symbolic and ritual function, through a language raised not from the logic of modern design, but from the logic of the construction, the design and the user. The integration of digital printing goes hand-in-hand with the need to incorporate and develop new expressive forms that involve an objective, logical and rational reading that come into play in the quality of the object. At the Surface & Interface event, visitors can find a unique and personalized edition of the Nit lamp. In this case, the map of Barcelona on ash wood printed with Virtual Melt technology. Implying that this is a scalable idea because wherever the product is installed, whatever the city, hotel or location, it can be accompanied by a local map that places the tourist where is located. A proposal that aims to highlight the endless possibilities of customization with Virtual Melt digital printing technology. The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.
About Estiluz:
Founded in 1969, Estiluz is a leading company in decorative lighting. They offer lamps that awaken the imagination of the best designers. Nearly fifty years full of work and effort, but above all, fifty years creating trends in the world of lighting, true to its philosophy of offering design products with one of the best finishes in the industry. That same design philosophy has allowed them to reinvent themselves, approaching the market with new materials and technologies. Innovation is the new emblem of their designs.

Graphic by CrousCalogero printed on ash veneer with Virtual Melt technology. Nit lamp by Estiluz.
Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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