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Digital transformation

The high demand for customisation of products is already a reality in all industries. Especially in those related to decoration and homeware. Everybody wants the products they buy to be exclusive. This premise is what led the interior design company Inkiostro Bianco to design a collection of graphics for wallpaper almost akin to works of art. The design proposals of this company’s new collection are an eclectic mix of on-trend styles, where you can find references to classic tiles, natural elements, geometrical figures and even urban art. These new proposals from Inkiostro Bianco ooze exclusivity, almost like pieces of art, turning walls into gallery pieces.

Valresa Coatings, understanding this need for customer exclusivity, has developed new solutions that focus on the world of graphic customisation with the Singular Surface product range. A digital transformation of wood surfaces is generated, where only imagination is the limit, offering customers new opportunities, new solutions and new finishes. All these new solutions can be discovered at its stand at FIMMA-MADERALIA 2018.

The proposals on display will trigger a creative impetus in designers and companies thanks to the decoration possibilities provided by Singular Surface products, boosting the possibilities of these materials and going beyond the frontiers of what you can do with wood.

Colección Wallcovering 2017/2018. Inkiostro Bianco.
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