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Surfaces with gradient shades

The use of gradient tones started in 1913 and in 2018 it to be not only used for continuity but as a general consensus. Tonal gradients have proliferated both in furniture and in decorative elements and light fixtures. Both the Passangen, at the Imm 2018, and in Maison & Objet 2018, have used this chromatic feature as a motif in the corporate image of both events in their catalogues and communication resources. Likewise, Pedrali (in its merchandising and stand), and the German Design Council (in its Iconic Magazine 2018 of the Rat für Formgebung) use this same feature as a factor of innovation for their brand.

Gradient tones add an elegant effect of movement to surfaces, cause by the progressive alternation of two colours or in many cases two finishes, with the transition between light wood and color being one of the most commonly used. The pieces to which this finish is applied are mostly quite simple, since they draw attention through the use of this resource.

In 2013 we saw Werner Aissingler’s Bikini for Moroso (wooden chair tinted in two iridescent colours). At the 2014 Red Dot Design Concept Award, the Sunrise/Sunset lamp from EMKO. In 2016 The Shade carpet collection of the Turkish Begüm Cana Özgür for Nanimarquina. In this 2018 we saw random colour gradients, smooth polychrome transitions that cover the wood like translucent ink, from Studio Meike Harde.

“Valresa Coatings Selection 2018” is aware of these trends, and through its Virtual Melt technology, captures the majesty and romanticism of light through gradients, being able to apply them to natural woods and other types of substrate derived from wood, without having to resort to the randomness of hand crafting. Gradients based on digital prints appear ethereal, reflecting the exact characteristics of natural light and colour, providing great design possibilities.

Between 6 and 9 February, at the upcoming edition of FIMMA MADERALIA, we will be presenting these products on surfaces via Singular Surface digital transformation technology, achieving very realistic results, reflecting the characteristics of natural materials and offering large-scale graphic design possibilities.

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