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Automatic dosing machines

24 watertight tanks of stainless steel
Boat automatic detector by photocell
2 oz pumbs in 3L tanks and 2 and 10 oz doble pumps in 6L tanks
Stainless stell valves
Automatic nozzles cleaning system
Automatic boat lift
Minimum batching of 1/384 Fl. Oz. High pressure
PC computer with monitor and software
Voltage regulator
Gyroscopic agitator (optional)
Colorimeter (optional)


Pigmented pastes

Pigmented pastes for pigmented varnishes for the production of tintometric system, exent of hard metals, big stability for its storage, light resistance and with high covering power.

Concentrated dyes

Concentrated dyes for stain production for wood with big solubility and high transparency to change wood color without loosing natural aspect.
They don´t pose and avoid bleeding defect in the stain. For having bigh stability with prepared base for its dosfication we guarantee a big color stability in it´s storage.


Tintometric system bases

All bases have been designed and packaged in an optimum way to recieve instantly the color avoiding manipulations and possible errors.

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