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SafeAir: Join the new movement for healthy breathing

Launched through Indiegogo, the latest innovation by O2TODAY and Marcel Wanders, the O2SafeAir mask (2018) is an evolution of the world’s most breathable urban air pollution mask originally launched in 2016. This new version also offers an Industry-leading design and advanced filtration technology.

It is the first protective mask system that allows users to make decisions based on what is the best for them. While still adhering to the O2TODAY ™ philosophy of creating the least as possible impact on the environment, the new mask offers a highly breathable patented mesh shell that is machine washable and equipped with interchangeable filters. The protection against pollution and pathogens in the air, it also offers the option to use mists of essential oils to add a custom scent.

In total, it is an intuitive, three-step system for personalizing healthy breathing.

“O2SafeAir allows people to breathe cleaner air while wearing a beautiful lifestyle accessory. Our mask is a simple yet important innovation that will help thousands of people around the world “- Marcel Wanders

In parallel to the usability characteristics of the mask, the attitude and the lifestyle that defines its users, highlight as through the work of Marcel Wanders (one of the most significant designers of luxury design of recent times), with the decoration of the surfaces of the markers following geometric patterns or reticles, is symptomatic of the validity of the new revitalization of decoration in the universe with objective in the western culture. All of this leads us to think about the virtue of digital printing technologies on wooden substrates, by the fact of matching their results with the rest of the products that make up the new imaginary of the first third of the 21st century.

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