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Milán 2018

The innovation of companies that set trends and involve the rest of the sector with their ideas in innovation, is given in the knowledge, treatment and transformation of other substrates and use them for the construction of new elements with a high sensory load showing different reliefs, touches and structures.

White and light woods give way to a stage of less light, where the use of dark woods and materials with a sandy appearance and dark stones predominates, showing the materials in their natural state (walnut veneers or marbles throughout the range of brown) or oak stained with natural tints smoked on a very dark scale.

Metal is the most commonly used material in the stalls and shelving sector. In many cases this metal is combined with plastic supports with high technology in the finish and in others combined with dark woods transmitting strength and elegance.


New supports and tactile structures with pores and reliefs. / Marbles, stones and cements. / Plastics, matt and with fine textures. / Iron


Very pronounced trend of black, dark gray colors. / Great variety of blacks / Dark smoky natural dyes. / No lacquers, no colors. The few that are seen are pastels, whitish.


Oak in most cases and walnut. / Natural smoked tints. / Marked pore with slow glastine tints to highlight the natural value./ Dyes dark tones, strong tones, teak, dark walnut …


A unique global finish: ACRYLIC CLEAR ACRYLIC SUPERMATTE./ With performance of scratch resistance, matte uniformity and very open pore./ No closed pores.


Stone / Granites. / Terrazos./ Coarse and fine textured./ Oxides./ Dark chromed.

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