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ESFERA Natural Mate, by Valresa, for INDITEX group

The Interior Design department of INDITEX group has chosen the water-based varnish 270042 Natural Mate, for ZARA HOME stores and Bershka, for its high-tech, high commitment to the environment and high input design.
ESFERA Natural Sealer-Topcoat 270042 is a water-based varnish physically drying, but it can also be mixed with a hardener for greater physical resistance (impacts, friction and wear for everyday use) and chemical (cleaning products and solvents). It is a unique product that acts as Sealer and Topcoat, thus applying two layers of the same product the process is completely finished.

The most remarkable features of this water-based varnish are its anti-reflection effect, the unalterable natural color of the wood and its soft touch. They provide a nude wood effect with a high resistance to UV by making the color remaining the same over the time (not yellowing).

Product: 270042 ESFERA Natural Sealer-Topcoat 042 SMT
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