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What it is today a group of companies of international projection implanted in five continents and with three production centers (Spain, Turkey and Colombia) and a franchise (México). Born in the 60´s as a small varnish and paint factory of familiar capital. With more than 6,000 customers all around the world, Valresa´s group produces lacquers, solvents, stains, glazes and varnishes for the furniture industry in more than twenty countries. The range is our hallmark.

With a high specialization in the furniture and plastic industry with one of the most modern production centers in Europe, Valresa Group it is in head in varnish and lacquers development to a international level.

The continuing search of new varnish solutions for the furniture topcoat is now concentrated in varnishes of low content in COV without increasing product cost. With polyurethane varnishes with high solids, water base and ultraviolet dry.

Plastic painting is also one of the objectives of Valresa´s new developments. We have developed products for the car industry, plastic hangers and appliances.

Valresa has partnerships and participates actively in different organizations with the objective of improve its knowledge and managment.

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