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Be Valresa´s distributor right now

If you are interested in being part of Valresa´s distribution network or at least ask how we work, send us your name and phone number clicking here and we will contact you inmediatelly.
We are conscious that one of the reasons which expleais our success is our solid colaboration, continued and based in long term partnerships.
Valresa´s cooperation programmes, are always designed to provide de maximum benefits to our distributors and customers.
In this programmes, we include support policies in different areas in which we can out stand:
Technical advice.
Commercial and managment advice.
Shared promoting and advertising for the image strengthening in each of the objective markets.
Brand image and international prestige of a multinational business leader in the market.
Distributor technical training putting at their disposal our instalations and our laboratory staff.
Availability of our computing structure, either by internet or other programs of interest.
Shipping of required samples by the customer to the buying interest of a determinate product.
Determination of exlusiveness zones for the distributor.
Unique tintometric system with capacity for wood pigmented lacquers and stains.

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