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ESFERA, the professional solution to protect outdoor wood


Outdoor settings aim to evoke a nostalgic nature. Thanks to the technology of exterior finishes, highly functional values ​​are combined on a decorative stage, where the attraction of alfresco living lies in its colour, and furniture is enjoyed with greater flexibility and decoration.

To do so, the Valresa Coatings brand ESFERA provides the most durable and resistant solution, as well as being exceptionally unchangeable, because it is formulated with highly technological resins that do not turn yellow and keep colours intact for longer. In addition, it has a high resistance to weathering, excellent flexibility and elasticity and adheres perfectly to multiple materials.

Most woods used in outdoor carpentry, especially conifers, are classified as moderately durable or not very durable, which make it easy for the wood to degrade. In order to improve the natural resistance of the wood in these cases, Valresa has developed the 700200 Insulating Primer Spray Primer Ext 0200 2K, which guarantees prolonged and stable durability of outdoor construction elements.

A whole range of products to protect wood and uphold its appearance as if it were the first day.

IMPREGNATION RESINS: Formulated with selected latest-generation resins with excellent penetration in raw virgin wood with flow coating, brush, dip or spray application systems. INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTS: Formulated with non-yellowing resins to prevent water absorption and fungal attacks, they improve adhesion between layers to achieve an optimum finish. They are recommended in processes that call for an exceptional finish with maximum durability of the wood. SEALER: They are formulated with specific non-yellowing acrylic resins in order to cover and level out possible defects on the wood surface, improving the finish of outdoor carpentry. Using the base coating, we isolate the wood from external agents, and improve the adhesion between the layers of the varnishing process. TOPCOATS: The purpose is to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, while providing the greatest possible resistance to atmospheric elements and the passage of time.

New materials are leading to more designs and decorative elements for outdoors, thereby increasing their possibilities. That’s why outdoor furniture is increasingly similar to indoor furniture. A new category of products is being produced as a result.

From 6 to 9 February at the FIMMA MADERALIA 2018 fair (Hall 7, Level 3 Stand B-31), you’ll be able to see various examples of outdoor wood protection, from natural colours such as pine, teak and walnut to an infinite number of graphic design possibilities thanks to Singular Surface digital transformation technology.

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