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Bedrooms: A combination of elements

In 2013, given the proposals of Ton Dixon and Gubi, the colorimetry department of Valresa predicted that the color “copper rose” was going to be a trend for the next few years in varnishing furniture, lighting finishes and decoration. In the “Fiera di Milano Isaloni 2014” it takes nature and radiates this tone to a wide range of companies that show their products in the main international fairs of furniture and decoration, through companies such as Skitch, Kme, Zieta, Discipline … configuring the “Brilliant Tradition” trend based on copper and precise metals, with luxury and craftsmanship as its main support and in combination with woods with a natural effect or light pigmented colors. With this union an effect of design, elegance and distinction was achieved.

Currently the color “copper rose” and bronzes are still valid through new applications, with new finishes such as soft brushing, looking for new shades, warmer against steel and anodized aluminum, black and gray tones. The use of these metallic colors in combination with stones, terraces and marbles, represent new adaptations to the aesthetics of luxury and glamor of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

During the 6th to the 9th of February, in the next edition of FIMMA MADERALIA, Valresa will once again present the rosé copper color with a new and suggestive reissue, combining it with noble woods that have been dyed through the digital transformation technology Singular Surface getting more realistic, reflecting the characteristics of natural materials and offering design possibilities in furniture for large-scale bedrooms.

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