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One product for multiple supports.

You might be considering renewing the appearance of your kitchen furniture, bathroom, closet doors or any other auxiliary: shoe racks, coffee tables, aluminum windows or plastic furniture, etc…. But you have the doubt of how to do it since you are not a professional and you also find yourself with the difficulty that these elements are usually made of melamine, glass, aluminum and plastic or another material, which are very resistant over time but are very difficult to paint as adherence is always a problem.

Once you have decided yourself to paint, you need to know that the substrate is not a porous surface, so conventional paints available will be repelled or will have a lack of adhesion, producing a peeling off or simply not adherence from the paint or varnish to the surface. Do not panic, in reality it is not complicated at all if you use the right product.

With the Multisurface Converter you will achieve mainly two things: a smooth finish without difficulty, and a great duration.

The Multisurface Converter can be used directly, or it can be colored with the Valresa Color System and get any color from the RAL, NCS charts. So you can paint different objects with a single product and the same color, for example: tiles, or pulls, kitchen cabinets, etc. 

This is a product with excellent whiteness and opacity available in two gloss levels: Matt and Glossy. Both provide a perfect touch and a high resistance to scratches, with no yellowing over the time. Concerning to health, you can rest, as the product has been formulated free of heavy metal pigments and complying with the European directive 2014/42, relative to the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Change the decoration of your house easily, healthy and economically, with a single product for any surface, and apply several layers of it. 

Product: Converter Multisurface

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