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Digital printing on melamine

Our customers ask us, Is it possible to print on melamine?, and our answer is: Of course it is possible to print on melamine! Although there are different kinds of melamine and different inks, we adapt to the type of printing of our customers to offer them an efficient solution that ensures the correct definition of the printed work and of course the adherence and resistance to scratching.

We solve the challenge of ink adhesion on melamine, with varnish technology, in such a way that the possibilities of creating value for the client are greatly expanded. Starting from standard boards, we can customise them to suit the wishes and needs of projects and clients.

Melamine is just one of the many substrates on which digital printing is already possible, such as glass, PVC, aluminium, cardboard, as well as other types of wood or wood-based boards.

The advantage of the application on melamine is that it is possible to start from a white melamine or a melamine with a pattern that interests us and thus simplify the process, adding with digital printing, the textures or graphics of the project concerned and then protect the ink with specific coatings.

This process provides great value as it opens the door to the personalisation of surfaces in short development and production times, which means advantages in design and product versatility, advantages in application without the need to group together large print runs to obtain profitability, advantages in quality as the quality of the print accompanied by the correct varnishes will make the result clear and long-lasting.

The know-how in digital printing developed in recent years at valresa allows us to have knowledge of different types of inks, printing systems and therefore which solution is best suited to the requirements of our customers.

You can find more information here , or contact us and ask us!

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