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Zero hour arrived

During the last years, Valresa has been developing a quality and environmentally friendly final product in all its processes. For this reason, we are very proud to share with you that we have received the Zero Waste certification by SSG. We are the first paint and varnish company to achieve it, and thanks to the efforts of the whole team we can say that we have reached a sustainable business model.

What does “Zero Waste” mean? In these convulsive times for our planet’s ecosystem, it is a moral and personal obligation for companies, especially those that work with chemical products, to do our part in reducing the production of waste, as well as in finding the most efficient way to dispose of it. Valresa has always aimed to create a sustainable product in which this concept is possible; for this, we use the circular economy, through which we value, recycle and take advantage of every waste both in the manufacturing process, where we carefully select the materials, as well as in the packaging and distribution of our paints and varnishes. In this way it is possible not only to reduce waste disposed of in landfills, but to reduce it to zero.

In addition, and in our eagerness to pursue the concept of “responsible industry”, from which we seek to demonstrate that it is possible to find the balance between profitable and sustainable management, our company generates more than fifty percent of the energy we consume with solar panels, and the rest of the energy we need comes from renewable energy sources. In this way, we manage to reduce our environmental impact at the same time that we reduce electricity costs, thus giving a new approach to the concept of “success” in a company, since, in our opinion, this is the best way to achieve it.

Valresa’s philosophy is based on growing and evolving together with society. We believe that companies must be aware of the responsibility and the mark they leave on it; an overall vision is necessary. For us, the most important thing is that the footprint left by our product is respectful to all those who are part of this project in one way or another (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders…), and that along the way this respect is transferred to the environment in the same way.

Receiving the Zero Waste certificate encourages us to continue moving in this direction. We expect this to be just the beginning of a long journey.

Thank you very much to all of you,

Valresa Coatings S. A.

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