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Woodworm treatment with double protective action.

A single product with double protective action on wood: Preventive and Fungicidal. A preventive water-based treatment, without smells, against woodworm, termites and spots produced by fungi , proven to meet European standards.

UNE-EN 152. Preventive efficacy of a protective treatment against wood blueing fungi.

UNE-EN 113. Preventive efficacy against wood-destroying basidiomycetes.

UNE-EN 46. Preventive efficacy against newly hatched woodworm larvae.

UNE-EN 118. Preventive efficacy against reticulitermes species (European termites)


  • High filling power on wood.
  • Proven efficacy against xylophagous insects (woodworm, termites) and fungi.
  • Leaves no spots residue on the treated surface.
  • Once dry, it can be coated with any color or finish.
  • No film formation.
  • Water based, no bad odors.
  • Easy application.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
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