A world of colors

Valresa Coatings has the most complete, reliable and efficient tinting system on the market specially designed for the production of lacquers, dyes and all kinds of effects on wood, metal, plastic and glass substrates. This system allows the immediate supply of any color, tint or effect, offering our customers a fast and optimal service with guaranteed color quality constancy. We can customize any type of effect or color tone that the market requests, achieving new designs and adapting to the color trends of each specific project. Not only for lacquers and pigmented colors, but also for the entire range of wood stains and toners, leveling agents, natural effects, patina, …

At the same time we can use a wide range of suitable bases for each type of substrate, obtaining the best adhesions and finishes on wood, DM, plastic, glass, metal and other surfaces. These bases are adapted to the performance required for each type of application and use, both for interiors and for exteriors.

Over the years we have been expanding and optimizing the formulations of both the bases and the colors and dyes. The new bases of the tinting system have substantially improved the ability to cover colors, covering the edges, and covering also the landfalls or the sparrow beaks, managing to obtain the best color precision with the least amount of pigment and achieving a better efficiency of the formula as a whole, lowering the color costs.

In addition, we have accelerated the drying process by improving productivity and delivery times of the work carried out to our customers.

Valresa offers the complete tintometric system to manufacture the entire range of both water-based and solvent-based products, as well as the recommendations, experiences and knowledge of more than 25 years working with digital color systems. This entire system is supported by a colorimeter that works as a spectrophotometer, helping to formulate, match and develop colors according to a sample or a universal chart. All NCS, RAL and TVT chart colors can be instantly manufactured in any degree of gloss from super mattes to matt, satin and gloss.

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