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Surface&Interface by Valresa during the Milan Design Week

The exhibition Surface&Interface was born thanks to the co-branding agreement between RED and Valresa on the occasion of the launch of Virtual Melt digital printing technology, which will transform the furniture and wood sector.
This exhibition will be framed within FuoriSalone 2017, during the Milan Design Week. The event Surface&Interface will be located in the Palazzo Litta (Corso Magenta 24, Milano) April from 4th to 9th, and curated by the recognized magazine DAMN.
Surface&Interface will deal with the connection between design and visual arts in the contemporary culture of habitat. The aim of this event is to enhance the value of surfaces and look beyond the current manufacturing lines trying a closer union between design experiences and the Industry 4.0.
The event Surface&Interface will show the results of the 9 projects developed. For each project we have had a Spanish design company, a product on which to apply the digital printing with Virtual Melt technology, and a designer or design studio that have designed the applied graphics.

Brands, products and designers:

BD Company, with Free Port Series cabinet and graphic design by Pepa Reverter.
DVELAS Company, with Cunningham armchair and graphic design by Arraitz Koch & Enrique Khale.
Estiluz Company, with Nit lamp and graphic design by CrousCalogero studio.
MH Parquets Company, with Canaleto oak parquet and graphic design by LaSelva studio & Lorena Ruisi.
Mobles 114 Company, with Tria bookcase and graphic design by Bendita Gloria design studio.
Omelette-ed Company, with Lasso table and graphic design by Iratzoki Lizaso design studio.
Punt Mobles Company, with Ernest desk and graphic design by Borja Garcia.
Sancal Company, with Duplex occasional tables and graphic design by Mut Design studio.
Viccarbe Company, with Serra side tables and graphic design by Víctor Carrasco.

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