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Convention of National Distributors 2016

On November 24 and 25 took place in the city of Valencia, the Convention of National Distributors Valresa Coatings where they combined a working day with a team building journey.
The working day revolved around three important axes to obtain fidelity and increase sales in the distribution network: News into our Catalogue, Technology Tools and Sector’s Regulation Package.
In the first section, we would like to highlight the presentation of the new family of White PU Topcoats, with viscosity, whiteness, covering and minimal change of tone over time, which surprised by its high performance compared to similar products that are currently on the market for white furniture and wood varnishing.
A tour around all the systems and processes of wood varnishing was also realized to obtain the natural wood effect, highlighting in this section the Water based varnish with natural effect 270042 and 130035 PU Acrylic nature by its minimum color change and anti-reflective effect, as well as the minimal formation of varnish layers.
The DECK 650 protector was presented as a durable solution for wooden floors and outdoor decks, against the conventional products that exist in the market as Teka oils, etc….
In the second block (technological tools), new devices were provided to facilitate the color match in a record time and to be able to serve the color to the client in the shortest time.
Different internal and external communication tools were also presented. We are concerned about internal communication, but above all, how we present ourselves and what we present to our clients, to keep them constantly informed of the new technologies and legislation that are in continuous movement.
Finally, we treated the subject of the new labeling and communication to the National Institute of Toxicology regarding the products that affects us according to PLC regulations.
During the second day of the distributor’s convention, Kart races were held, where you could see the great team atmosphere, between the distribution network and Valresa people in Spain being all one:  VALRESA COATINGS.

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