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1. Empathy, we understand our channel partners and work closely with them, we cultivate long-term relationships, we are dynamic and proactive, and we adapt to the market.
2. Self-reliance and Self-criticism: Quality reigns supreme, directing all our actions to the achievement of the highest quality standards, to exceed the expectations of our final customers.
3. Safety, Order and Organization in our work, empowering us to optimize our working method.
4. Doing More with Less. Our management is based on economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
5. Seriousness and Honesty. Carrying out our business activity with diligence, responsibility and ethics, fulfilling agreed commitments and creating confidence.
6. Pride of Belonging, with a team that feels deeply connected and aligned with our unique vision and shared values.
7. Innovation and Anticipation. We want to become the drivers of change; Restless, in the search for new ideas and formulations. (I don’t like formulations so much, but not sure of another appropriate word. I would probably use value propositions).
8. Profitable and Sustained Growth for the Company, People and Knowledge. Continuous improvement to obtain better results for the business and for the people.
9. Excellent Added Perceived Value-Price valued by the customer.
10. Teamwork and Improvement of Internal Communication, internalizing the idea that everything in the team is more than the sum of the parts. These values are supported by self responsibility.

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