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Businessman Jose Carceller over a long business experience in other sectors starts the varnish and paint factory Valresa.
1965: Year of the start of Valresa in the city of Valencia, Spain.
1994: Valresa starts its internationalization with the acquisition of the varnishes and paints factory Acabados Químicos Mexicanos S.A. of C.V., actual Valresa México.
1998: Efforts taken in the past years for implanting a quality culture in the organisation keep enshrined by obtaining the certificate ISO 90001:2000.
2000: Continues the internationalization process of the business with the opening of different distribution centers of varnishes and paints in many numerous latin american countries.
2003: With the inaguration of the new facilities of Valresa, the Group counts with one of the most modern factory in Europe for the investigation, production and commercialization of lacquers and varnishes.
2004: Following the investment and outdoor improvement, remodelation works start in Valresa Mexico, works which will conclude in two years later and will endow our facilities in Mexico of a production center for the production of varnishes highly technified.
2005: An agreement is signed with Bayer Material Science, by which products of Valresa Group will carry quality sign of Bayer in their packages.
2005: Valresa signs an agreement of joint venture with the Turkish manufacturer Iba Kimya, one of the principle business in the world in the production of powder paint, giving it the name IBA Valresa to the society. The company sppecializes in the production of varnishes, stains and solvents for wood and furniture. Start the works of construction in the joint society in Ankara, Turkey.
2008: New facilities of Valresa in Turkey (IBA Valresa) get inaugurated, uniting now a forth production center to Valresa Group.

2015: After a few years of commercializing their products in Colombia through a local distributor, and bearing in mind the importance of the market, an own warehouse is opened in Bogotá, Valresa Colombia.

2017: Valresa introduces digital tinting technology in the wood sector and derivatives, a revolution in the sector as it allows tinting and effects with a precision and possibilities that, until the moment, it was impossible to achieve with traditional application methods.

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