Fireproof varnishes and paints for wood Euroclass certified BS2D0, CS2D0 and BFLS1.

Painting wood with fireproof varnish is now easier.
The consequences of a fire at home, at the office or at a public place could be devastating. For this reason a new regulation has been developed which chases, once a fire at the office has been declared, required conditions to protect those who are found inside are collected, prevent estate damage or near establishments and help to ease rescue teams intervention.
In this aspect, wood is one of the materials which most worries. When a fire starts, wood is, an easy prey for the flames. For this reason fireproof varnishes and paints are taking an especial relevance at this moment. Conscients of this needs and the possibility of a development team of new wood varnishes and paints, valresa presents two fireproof clear paints range. This processes have been certified by the technological centre of fire of AIDIMA with EUROCLASS regulations.