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Commercial Description

270240 TEKFOC White Sealer AG 240 Fireproof P005
270540 TEKFOC White Topcoat AG 540 Fireproof P005 SMT
270541 TEKFOC White Topcoat AG 541 Fireproof P005 ST

Technical Description

Water base white  fireproof varnish certified in Reaction to fire BS2D0, for varnishing boards for floor and ceiling coatings.
Process consists in two layers: a first layer as a sealer and a second layer as a topcoat which can be commercialized in different gloss grades and in any other colour of RAL and NCS charts.

Process description



270540: 10 % Super Matt / 270541: 55 % Satin


80 g/m2 Sealer / 80 g/m2 Topcoat.
Process consists of two layers.
A first layer of Sealer and a second one as Topcoat.
Total weight process is 160 g/m2

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